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Build your Enterpise Term store with Natural Language Processing

Sharepoint is a great tool for storing documents because it’s so easy to share and store documents. So easy in fact that it’s common to build up huge document library with years’ worth of information. Generally, this knowledge is promptly “forgotten” about after initial usage. Well, automagically build an enterprise term store to fix this.

CDM and the scourge of the semi-structured Microsoft Word security compliance documentation

Critical to the implementation of CDM is the ability to readily pull and parse security control as well as compliance data. If you can’t parse the data you can’t make intelligent risk scores and the whole thing goes downhill...

Keeping SharePoint lists up to date with a couple clicks

Keeping SharePoint list content up-to-date can be a pain. Especially if you have significant content containing links. This script allows you to search SharePoint list content for invalid links, then in do some custom action to resolve the invalid links.

An end user questionnaire for sharepoint that will do more than record answers

You need to ask as set of questions and then do some action based on the results of the answers to the questions

Diversity in Tech: National Urban League Hackathon

Addressing Customer Service in the Dilivery of Cyber Security

Sharepoint Content Word Cloud

Make a word cloud from arbitrary set of SharePoint lists and columns